New Book out: Crossing Traditions: Essays on the Reformation and Intellectual History

Irena Backus’ scholarship has been characterised by profound historical learning and philological acumen, extraordinary mastery of a wide range of languages, and broad-ranging interests. From the history of historiography to the story of Biblical exegesis and the reception of the Church Fathers, her research on the long sixteenth century stands as a point of reference for both historians of ideas and church historians alike. She also explored late medieval theology before turning her attention to the interplay of religion and philosophy in the seventeenth century, the focus of her late research. This volume assembles contributions from 35 international specialists that reflect the breadth of her interests and both illustrate and extend her path-breaking legacy as a scholar, teacher and colleague:

Maria-Cristina Pitassi and Daniela Solfaroli Camillocci (eds.), Crossing Traditions: Essays on the Reformation and Intellectual History. In Honour of Irena Backus, Brill 2017.



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