New! EMoDiR Fundraising

Dear EMoDiR members,

We hope you had a lovely holiday season and we wish you a happy new year. Time for resolutions! As you may know, we recently set up a foundation account, and we aim to start a fundraising campaign to support our day-to-day activities. This will be separate from the specific, project and event-related grants we may obtain. It has always been our intention to keep EMoDiR free of subscription fees, and we are determined to keep it that way, but we are growing, and we need financial stability. We encourage all members to message us if they have any idea about potential sources of funding in their universities, research centers, and elsewhere. Everyone’s cooperation at this stage matters.

But above all, we invite you all to donate something yourselves. It’s easy, there are no transaction fees, and you just have to follow the link below. Donate to your capacity; any amount is vital and most appreciated at this stage!

Your support will make a great difference for the organization’s two upcoming events. Like every year, we will contribute to the RSA with a set of sponsored panels (Philadelphia, 2-4 April), but this year, we are also going to meet for the EMoDiR biannual meeting (to be held in Paris, June 26-27). Both events require money to deal with the logistics and to provide as much support as possible for those who may be unable to join us due to a lack of resources. In Philadelphia, we would like to organize a reception, as we successfully did at the last RSA in Toronto. Being able to do so would not only allow scholars from all over the world to know who we are, but it would also increase our chance of finding new potential donors.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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