The Fall from Grace. Original Sin, Sexuality, and Toleration

Call for papers for Seminar, RSA conference 2020

We welcome papers dealing in particular with: the construction of orthodoxy; orginal sin in the doctrinal controversies of the Reformation era; sexual heresies based on heretical reinterpretations of the original sin; reflections on original sin and natural law; Adamites and Pre-Adamites; past unorthodox reflections on the gendered nature of the first couple (the role of women, women as imago dei, intersexuality); the use of sexual tropes to question the authority of the Church, and institutionalized religions in general, in past heretical re-reading of original sin.

Anyone interested in submitting an abstract for consideration for this seminar is kindly invited to do so no later than August 15 sending it to Umberto Grassi (

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